Sustainable holidays in the Salzburger Land

Environment awarness in Zell am See

Our energy concept

It is important to us that we stand by our roots, but also move with the times. For us, this includes taking into account technical developments in the field of the rational use of resources and to pursue them ever further! The topic of environment and sustainability is important for our future generations!

What are we already contributing to this?

We use the power of the sun.

For example, with our photovoltaic system on the southern roof side of our house, which generates 20 kW, we cover around 10% of the energy demand in the hotel.
We use the power of the sun for our environmentally conscious facilities in the hotel:

  • Photovoltaik System
  • Central cooling system with heat recovery
  • Air cooling of the restaurants using groundwater
  • Furthermore, our charging stations for e-cars are also supplied with electricity from 100% renewable energy

Sustainability in the hotel

Together we protect our environment.

In addition to our energy concept, we also pay attention to sustainability in the hotel.
Cleanliness is as important to us as the proper disposal of garbage.
That's why we have both in the hotel and in our private house a waste separation concept for paper, plastic, glass, metal, bio and residual waste.
Furthermore, we promoted the greening of our flat roofs and creation of roof terraces.
In the hotel, we use either daylight for lighting or use LED technology.

We are very proud, that our hotel is featured since many years with the Austrian Ecolabel.

Green Bonus

We reward your environmental awareness.

If you are sustainable and responsible with our environment you are preferred by us!
What you receive with the "Green Bonus": our shuttle bus will pick you up from the train station Zell am See free of charge, upon reservation and availability!

For these reasons, and because the environment is very important to us, we introduced the Pinzgau mobility card. It enables you to use ALL forms of public transport for free – from the train to the postbus and Pinzgau local railway – for the duration of your holiday. (Excludes steam trains and special trains) You’ll receive the mobility card free of charge from the 1st of May until 31 October. It is also your personal guest card and is fully valid on both your day of arrival and departure. Cars can be parked in the free outdoor car park and for a fee of € 6.00 per day in the garage.

Climate-friendly Mobility

100% green electricity
One day, we hope that any vehicle, whether scooter, car or plane can be powered using only electricity.
E-mobility is now very much in vogue and the Romantikhotel is also involved:

  • An electric charging station for cars
  • Participation in the Solar Route Zell am See to Salzburg
  • Free charging for our guests
  • 10 bicycles free for hire
  • 2 e-bikes for hire
  • Bus stop walking distance to the hotel

Clean energy for your mobility - that means real sustainability for us. Employees ride their bikes to work, and are rewarded when they use public transport!

Regionality in the purchase and use of homemade products

  • Meat from our farmers according to availability (for example Aubauer Zell am See, Fersterbauer in Maria Alm)
  • Jam served to our guests is made from our own fruit (plums, apples), and we only purchase fruit from Austrian farmers (Burgenland).
  • Fairtrade products at the buffet
  • Bread baking in the hotel
  • Homemade bread and many more products at the buffet
  • Our cooking oil is palm oil free
  • Honey from local beekeepers
  • Herb garden at the hotel and the private house for the hotel kitchen
  • Mushrooms and berries from the region for the hotel kitchen

Employee Training

  • Our employees are trained annually for the use of cleaning agents
  • Dosing systems to prevent overuse of cleaning agents
  • Intercultural training - understanding other cultures - communicating our values ​​to other cultures
  • Wine schooling – Austrian-quality training